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You can taste the sheer joy of baking in every bite of these delicious award-winning creations from Kirstyn and Andrew at the Gourmet Brownie Co. 
They have been making their uniquely delicious brownies since 2006 – all hand baked in small batches at their Ely kitchens. They don’t use artificial flavours, preservatives or colourings. Only top-quality fresh ingredients are good enough for a Gourmet Brownie. 
While the weather experts promise us some much-needed rain this month, there will still be plenty of warm weather. 
So, why not take advantage of our air-conditioning to cool down and enjoy one of our soft drinks or iced teas - full of fruity flavours? 
Coffee lovers are getting excited about the new ethical coffee shop in the historic village of Sawston on the River Cam, just a few miles south of Cambridge. 
Customers have been giving five-star ratings across the board, not only for the coffee, but also for special treats like the chocolate fudge brownies and roasted tomato salad. For visitors who prefer the taste of tea, there’s also an exotic selection of special blends on offer from the Bird and Blend Tea Co
We love coffee, but if your favourite brew is tea, then we have something really extraordinary for you. 
Have you ever been disappointed with speciality teas that fail to live up to the promise of their names and aromas? 
You’ll change your mind when you try our selection from the Bird and Blend Tea Co (BB). 
We’re almost ready to welcome you. 
We’ve saved what is possibly the best posting as one of the last before we open our doors to you on 29 May. It’s all about the coffee, of course. 
Because we enjoy coffee so much we wanted to be sure that you would have something really special to enjoy. We also understand that the people who grow and harvest this amazing product live in some of the most fragile economies in the world. 
The environment has a big impact on the wonderful flavours of the coffee we all love. 
The best tasting beans come from plants that grow in warm and humid equatorial regions at a height of around 1,300 metres. Temperature, rainfall and the quality of the soil are all important. 
So, your coffee isn’t just coffee, it’s climate in a cup. 
It’s just three weeks until we open our doors to Sawston’s coffee lovers on 29 May
And if that’s not enough to be excited about, how about this? 
One of the very first decisions we made at East Roast was that our delicious artisan coffee deserved the best possible coffee machine – and there’s nothing better than La Marzocco. 
We had a wonderful time meeting all of the outstanding candidates for the key roles at the new East Roast Coffee shop in Sawston last week. 
You were all amazing, interesting and fantastic! 
One of the major High Street coffee shop chains has been talking about a ‘cup recycling revolution’ today. Their aim is to become ‘cup-neutral’ by 2020, recycling as many coffee cups each year as they put into the system. 
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