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While the weather experts promise us some much-needed rain this month, there will still be plenty of warm weather. 
So, why not take advantage of our air-conditioning to cool down and enjoy one of our soft drinks or iced teas - full of fruity flavours? 
We love the freshly pressed fruit juices from the Cambridge Juice Company (CJC) – Cambridgeshire-based and family-run independent fruit juice wholesalers. 
The team at CJC are all about locally made, sustainable produce. Their apple juice is grown, picked, pressed and bottled less than a kilometre from their warehouse. You can also enjoy the refreshing taste of apple with raspberry, blueberry or elderflower juice. Or, try the delicious taste of Spain with their orange a clementine juice. They’re all made without concentrates and only vitamin C is added. 
If you would like something a little more intriguing to tantalise your taste buds, then look no further than our iced teas, made from the fantastic combinations of flavours created by our friends at the Bird and Blend Tea Company (BBs). 
Our favourite is made with a liquor of BBs refreshing Strawberry Lemonade tea – a zingy combination of strawberry pieces and lemon peel – a sweet and fruity delight. 
We brew for a little longer to maximise the fruitiness, and then pour over ice for the perfect summer reviver. Just add a little honey for some extra sweetness. 
Hydrated happiness 
When the temperature goes up, one of the most important things you can do is to drink plenty of fluids. 
Officially, we’re told we should drink at least eight glasses a day; that’s around two litres or three and half pints. Drinking plenty of fluids helps your joints, blood circulation, memory and digestion. It helps you to stay cool too. 
If you’re feeling dizzy, lightheaded or tired, you could need to take a drink. It’s especially important for children and older people to drink regularly during hot weather. 
Water, juices, tea and coffee can all help to stay you hydrated – and of course we have an excellent selection for you to choose from (we would say that, wouldn’t we?). 
We’re also happy to top up your water bottles and provide you with a glass of cool, fresh tap water. We’re dog-friendly too, and there will always be a bowl of reviving water for Fido. 
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