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You can taste the sheer joy of baking in every bite of these delicious award-winning creations from Kirstyn and Andrew at the Gourmet Brownie Co. 
They have been making their uniquely delicious brownies since 2006 – all hand baked in small batches at their Ely kitchens. They don’t use artificial flavours, preservatives or colourings. Only top-quality fresh ingredients are good enough for a Gourmet Brownie. 

Where does the inspiration for these tasty sweet treats come from? 

As an Early Years teacher Kirstyn needed plenty of imagination and flair to keep her young pupils interested in learning. A lot of research and planning went into the mix as well. 
So, when she and Andrew started making their plans for a baking business, she turned her talents in a new direction. Her research was done on visits to coffee shops, farm shops, delicatessens and restaurants looking for inspiring new taste combinations. Her growing library of recipe books is also a great place to find new ideas. 
While culinary creations are being produced in the kitchen, Andrew is out and about introducing new people to the wonders of a gourmet brownie. Great teamwork! 
Boston – the home of the brownie 
As far as we know, the first ‘brownie’ recipe appeared in the 1896 edition of the Boston Cooking School Cook Book by Fannie Farmer. 
Along with sugar, melted butter, eggs and flour, the recipe included unsweetened chocolate, vanilla and chopped walnuts. Later recipes added extra eggs and more chocolate for extra scrumptiousness. 
What makes a brownie? Apart from being an irresistible chocolate colour and a lovely fudgy texture, they are meant to be cut into squares that are easy to eat, unlike cakes that are cut into slices or biscuits that are cut out before baking. 
We can certainly vouch for them being very easily consumed! 
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