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Posts from May 2018

We’re almost ready to welcome you. 
We’ve saved what is possibly the best posting as one of the last before we open our doors to you on 29 May. It’s all about the coffee, of course. 
Because we enjoy coffee so much we wanted to be sure that you would have something really special to enjoy. We also understand that the people who grow and harvest this amazing product live in some of the most fragile economies in the world. 
The environment has a big impact on the wonderful flavours of the coffee we all love. 
The best tasting beans come from plants that grow in warm and humid equatorial regions at a height of around 1,300 metres. Temperature, rainfall and the quality of the soil are all important. 
So, your coffee isn’t just coffee, it’s climate in a cup. 
It’s just three weeks until we open our doors to Sawston’s coffee lovers on 29 May
And if that’s not enough to be excited about, how about this? 
One of the very first decisions we made at East Roast was that our delicious artisan coffee deserved the best possible coffee machine – and there’s nothing better than La Marzocco. 
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