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If you haven’t tried sourdough, we highly recommend it! 
Sourdough toast with your coffee is a great way to start the day.  
It’s a crusty, tasty alternative to commercial yeast-based bread and many people find it easier to digest too. 
We discovered the amazing produce available from Mini Miss Bread (MMB) and just had to share it! 
Going wild 
You can find wild yeast everywhere, including in flour. For centuries it has been a traditional raising agent for bread. 
Sourdough uses this wild yeast in a naturally fermenting mix of flour and water called a 'levain'. It can be a little bit temperamental, but it’s worth the effort. It delivers an extraordinary range of flavour and texture, compared with the breads made using commercial yeast products. 
MMB sourdough 
At MMB the levain is mixed with speciality flours such as dark malt and malted multiseed, that are milled locally in Swaffham Prior, or organic white and wholemeal flours from Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire. Then other delicious ingredients can be added. 
Time and some gentle stretching and folding make sure the sourdough is ready to be shaped and to deliver a wonderful texture. 
A night in the fridge will make sure that when the product is baked it will deliver that distinctive sour taste along with an irresistibly crunchy, crusty outer. 
About MMB 
Somehow ‘fresh’ bread just didn’t deliver on its promise, so Mini Miss Bread was created. 
After a steep learning curve, the amazing flavour of MMB sourdough was ready to be unleashed. Thanks to the slow and natural fermentation process many people are not only enjoying the taste and texture but are also finding it is kind to their digestion too. 
The process is very sensitive, so there’s always something new to learn. And new taste combinations to try. 
Sourdough facts 
• Historians are reported to have traced the roots of naturally leavened bread to around 4,000 BC in Egypt. 
• Time is the essential ingredient for perfect sourdough, along with flour, water and salt. 
• A brand-new sourdough starter will take several days to create, but some people have been keeping their levain mix going for years – or even decades. They just top it up with more flour and water as they go. 
• Sourdough can be made with any type of flour as they all contain natural wild yeast. 
• It’s a very sensitive product, so sourdough will be affected by the natural yeast in the environment. 
• The term ‘sourdough’ is thought to come from the California Gold Rush in the late 1800s. Miners discovered the great variation in the flavour of their bread, even though most bought their supplies in San Francisco, where the bread had a particularly strong, sour taste. 
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