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We love coffee, but if your favourite brew is tea, then we have something really extraordinary for you. 
Have you ever been disappointed with speciality teas that fail to live up to the promise of their names and aromas? 
You’ll change your mind when you try our selection from the Bird and Blend Tea Co (BB). 
BB's founders, Krisi and Mike, say their mission is to ‘spread happiness, one cupful at a time’ and we think they’re succeeding! 
They are mixologists, focussed on developing unique tea blends. They create exciting flavours by mixing their tea with unique combinations of ingredients, including herbs, flowers, fruit, caramel and even chocolate. 
They have over 70 amazing blends and produce four limited edition taste sensations each season to amaze and delight you. They are very ‘hands on’ in the process of developing their blends, which are then mixed and packed by hand, for that personal touch. 
So, come along and give your taste buds a treat with The Great British Cuppa, Strawberry Lemonade, Earl Grey Crème or Peppy Mint, to name just a few. 
There’s a little bit of theatre involved too
BB's ingenious Brewdini (also known as Ingenuitea) gravity steeper will make sure that you can enjoy the perfect brew. Your choice from the loose-leaf tea collection goes into the pot. We just add hot water and give you a timer for optimum steeping. 
When you’re ready, you put the Brewdini on top of your mug and its clever mechanism allows your perfect cuppa to filter through. When your cup is nearly full, just lift away your Brewdini – no fuss, no soggy tea bags, just fantastic tea. 
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