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While the weather experts promise us some much-needed rain this month, there will still be plenty of warm weather. 
So, why not take advantage of our air-conditioning to cool down and enjoy one of our soft drinks or iced teas - full of fruity flavours? 
The environment has a big impact on the wonderful flavours of the coffee we all love. 
The best tasting beans come from plants that grow in warm and humid equatorial regions at a height of around 1,300 metres. Temperature, rainfall and the quality of the soil are all important. 
So, your coffee isn’t just coffee, it’s climate in a cup. 
One of the major High Street coffee shop chains has been talking about a ‘cup recycling revolution’ today. Their aim is to become ‘cup-neutral’ by 2020, recycling as many coffee cups each year as they put into the system. 
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