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We’re almost ready to welcome you. 
We’ve saved what is possibly the best posting as one of the last before we open our doors to you on 29 May. It’s all about the coffee, of course. 
Because we enjoy coffee so much we wanted to be sure that you would have something really special to enjoy. We also understand that the people who grow and harvest this amazing product live in some of the most fragile economies in the world. 
That’s why we needed a partner roastery that not only produces the great tasting coffee we love to drink but is also committed to making sure it’s produced as sustainably as possible
That’s where the terrific team at the Method Roastery come in.  
What made us choose them for East Roast? Here are just a few reasons. 
1. They produce exceptionally high-quality coffee that’s roasted with passion, pride and respect for everyone involved – from seed to cup. 
2. They personally source their own coffee and only ever use the best 100% high grown Arabica beans. 
3. To make sure the coffee they buy delivers as much benefit as possible to the farmers they work directly with specialist farms and co-operatives 
4. Their carefully selected and exclusive lots of coffee are sourced in the most sustainable and socially responsible way possible. 
5. All the newly harvested green coffee they buy is ethically traded and fully traceable. 
6. The price they pay recognises the quality of the product and they are working hard to help support a sustainable industry. 
7. They put a lot of love, care and attention into every batch of their hand-roasted coffee. 
They are also great with the science involved in coffee roasting. The roasters at the Method Roastery have profiling systems so that they can develop and repeat roast styles that bring out the best qualities in each batch of beans. 
It’s also an art. Their coffee roasters are from Probat, who have been creating the best coffee roasting machines since the 1860s – so they know a thing or two. They manually adjust the gas flames as the roasting drum revolves to control the intensity of the heat at different stages of the roast. That’s what influences the development of the amazingly different flavours – spicy, sweet and, well, roasty. 
Don’t take our word for it though. Come along and try some for yourself.  
See you next week. 
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