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We love great flavour – that’s why we created East Roast Coffee.    It’s that simple. We like to drink coffee and we love sharing it too. We also like to learn about coffee – and there’s so much to know. 


Bean or Berry? 

Although we call them ‘coffee beans’, did you know they are, in fact, the seeds of berries that grow on trees? 
Only after at least five years of loving care and attention will a tree start to produce fruit. Once fully mature it will only yield about five pounds of precious coffee beans each year. The berries start off green, turning yellow, red and then a spectacular dark crimson. 
After picking, the berries are de-pulped, washed and often dried in the sun, although some are stored in warehouses for up to seven years.  
At this stage they are known as ‘green’ beans and are ready to be shipped around the world. 

Full of flavour 

There are two types of coffee bean: about 70% of coffee beans are Arabica, which originated in the Middle East. Robusta, which originally came from the Congo, has a slightly more bitter taste and double the caffeine. 
There are natural sugars in the coffee beans. Roasting causes the sugars caramelise. The longer the beans roast the more sugar is lost.  
The really dark roast coffees may not have any sucrose left at all. 

More coffee facts 

The world really does love coffee - we drink more than 500 billion cups of coffee each year. Coffee is also the world’s the most traded commodity after crude oil. The original energy snack was made of coffee berries mixed with fat. Coffee berry pulp was also used to make wine. Around 40% of the world’s coffee is produced in Brazil, followed by Colombia and Vietnam. 
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